Spring Energized Seals

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CTG Inc. manufactures PTFE and elastomeric spring energized seals and sealing systems. Spring Energized Seals can be used in static, reciprocating and slow to medium rotary applications. Unlike many other seals where you must size your seal application around standard size seals,the CTG Spring energized seal can be manufactured to your product. While standard size seals are something we make everyday, we make seals in any size needed. Used as piston, rod, or face seals, the CTG spring energized seal is engineered to meet your exact specifications and design intent.

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Design Principle

The CTG Inc. Spring Energized seals use system pressure to actuate and create a seal. In the absence of pressure, the spring force creates a positive seal. The finger springs included in the seals manufactured by CTG Inc. come in 4 optional materials and are available in 5 different sizes. Visit our technical library for different sizes and materials available or give us a call to discuss your application.



In rotary applications, lip seals can be utilized to ensure proper sealing and prevent seal degradation. These seals provide great performance compared to traditional o-rings and can typically replace o-rings without any gland modification. Regardless of your application, CTG Inc. can provide the correct solution.


The CTG Spring energized seal can be created for even the toughest of reciprocating services. With the optional wiper surfaces the seals will maintain a clean sealing surface in even the dirtiest environments. Whether you need a rod or piston seal, we have the team to find the best seal for your success.


Choose our Spring Energized Seals when you plan to have a static or dynamic face seal. Unlike other face seals, the CTG Spring energized seal can handle low speed dynamic applications without seal degradation. It is also a great choice when clamping forces must be low.

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24/7 Emergency Delivery Available
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